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It's not everyday that you'll find a website that was created to help you manage your online reputation, reward your loyal customers, gain new customers - and do it all for FREE!

Well... that's exactly why was created. And best of all, we've eliminated the negativity of bad reviews and reputation-destroying criticism! provides an outlet for customers to write positive reviews on their favorite businesses and if they happen to have a bad experience, they can use our site to give constructive criticism directly to the business owner. No need to bash a company publicly or have competitors secretly write psuedo-reviews about each other.

Below you will learn how we can help your business, why you should claim your business profile and a step-by-step guide to getting started today:

How Can Help My Business?

Increased Exposure
As we promote you will reap the fruits of our labor. In addition to traditional search engine results, we are also aggressively advertising our website on social networking sites, in the local media and through traditional public relations methods like news interviews and press releases. We'll do all the hard work, you just be ready for the increased traffic!

Putting Your Best Foot Forward is focused on positive business reviews and listing only the best local businesses, so we move you right to the front of the class! The more reviews you have the better your chances are of being listed first in your business category... And we all know being listed first is vital!

Gain New Customers
Not only do we help you reward loyal customers who are referring your business to their friends and family members, but we also help you gain new customers through referrals and recommendations. Our goal is to make is easy to refer your business, that's why each profile has a referral tab! Oh yeah, and we don't discourage you from asking your customers to write reviews or refer your business... that's the way businesses become successful!

Tips, Tools & Techniques
Our job is to help you be more referable, so we are constantly looking for new ways to help out when it comes to customer service, marketing, using social media and building a lasting and sustainable online reputation. We provide our business owners with articles, webinars and more to help them become a company worth referring.

Why Should I Claim My Business Profile? Was Created For You!
Unlike other business review websites, was created for small business owners not for the consumers. Sure consumers drive our website traffic, but we believe that if we help small businesses be better at providing a great experience, then loyal customers are sure to follow and will want to tell the world all about their great experience! We're not here to exploit or extort small businesses, we're here to help you.

It's Free! So Make The Most Of It
Your free profile on provides you with an opportunity to manage your online image and respond to reviews and private criticism, but the best part about your free account is being able to stay connected to your loyal customers. Business sustainability starts and ends with how well you relate and communicate with your customers.

Your Online Reputation Is Important
We know how hard you work to create a reputation in your community, that's why we want to help you maintain and improve that reputation. With public positive reviews and private constructive criticism between you and your customers, we help you manage your image and address issues as soon as they arise.

How Do I Claim My Business Profile?

Step 1: Register
In order to claim a business profile, you must first be a registered member. Click Here to go to the Register page now.

Step 2: Find Your Business Profile
After you've registered as a member, go to the Home page and use the Search feature to find your business. (Can't Find Your Business? Skip to Step Uh Oh!)

Step 3: Claim Your Profile
Once you've found your business, click the "Claim This Profile" button.

Step 4: Complete The Business Claim Form
After clicking the "Claim This Profile" button you will arrive at an online form. Complete the form and be sure to enter the same phone number that is listed on your business profile page, this is how we verify your ownership. Have a different phone number? Email Us

Step 5: Await The Verification Phone Call
Someone from our staff will contact you via telephone to verify your ownership and provide you with any additional information you need to get the most out of your business account.

Step Uh Oh!: Can't Find Your Business
We pride ourselves on having the best local businesses listed on our website, so if your business isn't listed click here to email us. Someone will be in touch with you shortly to add your business manually.


That's It! If you have any additional questions about setting up your account or want more information about our website, contact us toll free at: (855) 804-MAMA (6262) or you can always send us an email

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